At Bolton Language School, we pay special attention to the accommodation options we offer to students. A wide range of choice is available, from living with host families to house shares and student residences. Each of the properties we offer have been thoroughly inspected and are guaranteed to provide students with a comfortable, welcoming stay in Bolton.

Finding Accommodation

Working closely with you, we’ll ensure you receive all of the help you need in finding high-quality accommodation at affordable prices for the duration of your stay. There are 3 kinds of accommodation that we may arrange for students. Below, you’ll find a summary of these accommodation types. Please note that your accommodation will be booked for you from Saturday to Sunday, or Sunday to Sunday, depending on your time of arrival. The advice we offer is available for students interested in staying for a minimum of 6 months. This is because short-term accommodation is uncommon in the UK.

Student Halls

There are several Student Halls in Bolton that will take students on a weekly basis. The Cube is the closest one to BLS. It offers shared rooms for individual students and studio flats where you can stay as a group. Staying at a student residence means you can immerse yourself into British student life and enjoy independent living during your studies. You will live in a secure and safe environment, surrounded by other students (both British and international students). 

Another option is The Packed Horse, also near BLS in Bolton town centre. They provide serviced accommodation with individual rooms available. They have recreation rooms, where you can play games and watch films and even their own gym!

The Cube  /  The Packed Horse

Shared Accommodation

Bolton is a busy student town, with several Colleges and Universities. This means that there are a lot of students sharing flats and houses all over Bolton. It’s easy to get in touch and in many cases they will need people, especially during the summer. The easiest way to find accommodation this way is to go to the Student Accommodation website. You can find all kinds of houses and flats here to share to achieve the authentic British student experience!

Student Accommodation

HomestayFamily Accommodation

This is probably the least expensive way of getting accommodation in the UK. The easiest way to find a family is using Homestay, which is a website that will help you find families who rent out rooms. You can check their ratings and read comments by other students who have stayed with them. 

There aren’t many near BLS, but this might be a great opportunity to stay in nearby places, like Manchester or Bury, and commute to Bolton every day.



Bolton has many hotels to choose from if that is the option you prefer. The ones closest to BLS are the Holiday Inn Bolton Centre Hotel and the Travelodge Bolton Central River Street Hotel. These have many places to eat nearby and will provide breakfast and room servicing. They will be the most expensive option, but it’s a chance to relax and concentrate on your English classes!

Holiday InnTravelodge Bolton


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