Become a Fluent English Speaker with our English Language Courses


The English language is widely spoken throughout the world. This makes learning the language a huge advantage. With skill and professionalism, our tutors deliver English courses that will help you to learn this exciting, unique language
The classes offered by our school are designed to be truly affordable. In fact, Bolton Language School offers rates that are among the lowest in Manchester, Bolton, and across the UK.

General English Courses

We deliver general English courses at a range of different levels. That means you’ll be learning English alongside students of the same ability as you. We plan our classes to include students of many different nationalities. This makes your learning experience more fun and interesting while encouraging you to speak English instead of your native language.

Develop Your Skills

Working tirelessly, our tutors will offer lessons that meet your needs as a student. With our help, you’ll learn to communicate with others in English in a manner that effectively accommodates your day-to-day requirements. Students interested in an intensive language school that will equip them with the language skills needed to focus on studies in an English university should look no further than Bolton Language School.

Fit for All Students

At Bolton Language School, you will benefit from a wide range of English courses suitable for anyone over the age of 16. Whether you want to learn English for personal or professional purposes, we have a course that is right for you. Lessons are delivered in small classes with a maximum of 6 students. As a result, you’ll receive plenty of student-teacher contact time.

General English

These are courses tailored to people who want to improve their English but aren’t interested in taking any sort of accredited exam just yet. They will focus on improving your vocabulary skills and providing a solid grammar base so that you can get talking, reading and writing as soon as possible. We also like to focus on communicative skills, so there’ll be a lot of speaking and listening! 

Classes are tailored to the level of the students so you can get as much out of them as possible. Our tutors are committed to providing fun interactive classes that will make learning a pleasure and not a chore! We provide classes for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced students who want to perfect their English.

Additional Courses

If you want to focus only on your English during your stay, you can ask us for additional classes. These consist of up to 10 extra hours a week, and focus on a more practical approach to English. Our tutors will engage you in conversation and provide interesting talking points so you can have teacher-led discussions while sorting any doubts you have about extra vocabulary or grammar. This provides a more individualised learning programme, which allows you to focus on your problem areas.

Exam Preparation

Although BLS isn’t an exam centre, we can prepare you for any exam you may want to take. We’re working with an exam centre in Manchester so you can take your Cambridge exams at the end of your course. We offer classes to prepare you for PET, FCE, CAE and CPE, all levels of the Cambridge Exam suite. We also provide preparation classes for Trinity College, TOEFL and IELTS exams. 

Please enquire after our exam rates, which are incredibly competitive.


Please note that the course registration fee is £200 if the booking is for less than a 24 week course.

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